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This isn’t my travel  log  on  places  that  I  have  been  to.

But  about  how I started out on  my  own.

Part 1

“Never run before you can  walk”

  • My very first piece of advice I would give to any one starting up a business is

Never run before you can  walk

Get experience first and qualifications these will pay off dividends in the future .

I was lucky I virtually walked into jobs after jobs from leaving school to being from where i am today .
But looking in hindsight there are a few thing I wished I have known before or an extra skill I have under my belt so to speak
But it never too late for you. Join a Landscape team and learn the trade and learn it well.
You just might like being employed by someone to working on own . As working on own can be lonely at times but also rewarding. In a way of being stress free
But should you decide to go your own way Do not forget the people that helped you on your way.


Swings and roundabouts 

Mine  was  believe it or  not  The  Youth  opportunities  Scheme   in  the  mid 70s  and  early  80s  where  I  was  taught  the  basics  of  gardening  to  get  me  started
Then  from  there  as  I  said  before  I  virtually  walked  into  one  job  then  into  another  this  time  I was recruited  by  Lambeth  Council  to  work  in  Vauxhall  Park  as  assistant  gardener  but  after  3 years  of  training  at  Honor  Oak  again  learning  everything  from  Health  and  Safety  to  chemical  handling   I  graduated  to  be  a  Head  gardener/E grade  Gardener
After about 13 yrs   I  decided to  leave  Lambeth  Council  to  work  in  the   Royal  Parks  up  in London  after gaining  My  City and  guilds  in  Amenity  Horticulture .
But  unfortunately  for  Me  and  many  other  Gardeners  there  we  where  all  laid  off, Because  this  was  age  of  privatisation .
This  spring boarded Me to  where  I  am  today  But without  a  simple  knowledge of  accountancy and  knowing  the  market  and  what  out  there  this    venture  might  be  too  daunting  and  a  leap  into  the  unknown  so  be  prepared
Here  are  some  awesome  videos  to  inspire  you  and  hopefully  guide  you

Beckenham, UK

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